Faking Tilt Shift

Since The first time I saw this type of photography, I felt in love with the way how cameras or lenses can make things look like miniatures. I watched a news on one of Australian TV channels, dont remember which one and exactly when, reporting Mardi Gras Parade 2009 I think it was, that Keith Luitit created a time-lapse photography with this style so it looked like a group of toys marching. Super cool. More of Keith Luitit’s stunning Tilt Shift cinematography can be found here.

And I just found out the term of this photography type is ‘Tilt Shift’. Looking at the price of the lense to do this photography made me dizzy. I’m not that pro to invest some money for this TS lense. Then I searched tutorials for Fake Tilt Shift for GIMP, as I’m a Gimper and there are some Tilt Shift Generators as well that make it super easy to do. Here are the results :

Karimunjava Indoneisa | Irawan

Sentosa Island Singapore | Irawan
Purwokerto | irawan
Jakarta | Irawan
View from Sentosa Island Singapore | Irawan
Jakarta 2010 | Irawan
Jakarta 2010 | Irawan

All photos were taken during my 6 weeks holiday in July – August 2010 to Singapore – Indonesia by Irawan. Feel so lucky now that I have lots of image to practice my photographic post processing techniques.


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