Goshdarnit! WordPress

Didnt mean to swear on my blog :D. Its just that this is the impression I got from using WordPress blog for free: frustrating. Feel like ages just to click any buttons at the administration back end but not at the front end of the site. I’d like to ‘go back’ to WP again for my future blog because I just found out that by default it has a special feature for iPad and for other modules. I found it out accidentally when I read my sister’s blog. She might not know this feature because when I asked her whether she did the mobile lay out herself or not, she didnt know what I was talking about.

Anyway, not only I had to understand and learn about how WordPress work, not that I never really in to it I get annoyed with how slow it saved from any click on the button. I thought it was my internet connection but it was not. Few clicks later this notification popped up:

Notification at the back end of WordPress

I always overlooked at WP and prefer to use blogspot for my personal web, and Joomla or Drupal for paid domains for the reason that they are user friendly and time saving. But I got different impression from my sister that WP is easier. So I’m challanged to learn.

See what happen in the future if this problem still not solved, might have to leave WP and look at something else for my blog. Trying to write and post as many thought as possible when I have spare time just like Sundays like this.

The flipside of why I wanted to go ahead with WP again is that some of big-named blogs I read using it as well, so there must be a reason for that. And considering this is a free blog where WP have to face competition with other social media like twitter and Facebook, who will launch its Facebook Timeline which I really like the idea and have tried the features WP have got to get it right soon.


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