Creative Photography by Gillian Woods

At first when I saw her photostream in flickr, I thought  she was just an amateur photo model hired by some photographic student. But then I found out that she herself was the photographer with a very unique style and ideas. She is following this pattern of 365 which means a  continuous daily photo album that she takes  in everyday life for a year, and this make her being so creative.GillyFace her photostream name is, its a parody of Silly Face I suppose? Anyway, beside her decent post processing skill that always make me wonder how did she do that, she has a great ideas and concepts of the scene. Recently I follow her page on facebook found out  that her photos was featured and being a cover of Illusory Magazine.

Here are some of my favorites:


You Eat What You Are
The Garden of Smiles
Don't put me in a picture frame
Mine, all mine!


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