Trip 2012 | New Zealand and Sydney

First time in NZ and we traveled around in South Island driving from Christchurch toward North and stayed overnight or two in Kaikoura, Nelson, Hikitika, Queenstown, Lake Tekapo and back to Christchurch before flying to Sydney. All footages and photos taken by Irawan during trip February 2012.

Thoughts come clearly while one walks. ~Thomas Mann

Sydney and Manly Timelapse Video

Lake Tekapo old church timelapse

Pocket camera on window mount suction pod. Driving from Christchurch to somewhere around Greta Valley South Island.

More videos to come…


4 thoughts on “Trip 2012 | New Zealand and Sydney

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  1. Hello ,
    Interesting time lapse series.I’m a long time EOS shooter,26 years, but a newbie at DSLR videography.Any recommendations for slow-motion/time lapse software?
    Best wishes,
    Ed Bruchac

  2. Hi Ed, I use Windows Movie Maker for the timelapse that came with the computer when I bought it so its pretty much free and use Adobe Premiere Elements 10 for color correction. I heard Twixtor is very good for slow motion or fast. Check my blog for Ultra slow motion with twixtor. Thanks for visiting

    1. I was capturing seagulls in Hokitika, South Island, NZ and this kid passed by my camera so it made the video more interesting…:). Thanks for reading my blog.

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