Caine’s Arcade

Caine is a 9-year old boy who spends his summer weekend at his dad’s used autoparts in East LA. Caine created an elaborate arcade games with his dad’s cardboard and offered it to any one who passed by to play with him, unfortunately, because his dad’s business is done trough ebay and no longer depend on walk in customer so Caine’s Arcade was not so lucky with customers. And then one day a film maker, Nirvan Mullick, who were looking for a door handle for his 96 Corolla saw this Caine’s Arcade decided to played it and he had a great fun and amazed with the boy’s creativity. He then came back to the shop and talk to Caine’s dad when he was not there and asked if he could make a short movie about this adorable boy.

The movie was brilliantly done with a great music and it went viral. I could not stop watching and always curious following the story development. In the website,, they open donation for Caine’s college fund with paypal and was initially targeted for $25,000 and then rised to $100,000 and as per today it reaches over $160,000. Good luck with the college Caine and congratulations for inspiring millions of kids all over the world.

This video is a good sample of good relationship of Dad and son and good parenting, great story, excellent videography and perfect internet marketing.

Check the video until finish:


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