Anggun: No ‘Merci’ but ‘Terimakasih’ – Eurovision 2012

I was surprised when flicking trough tv remote control and stopped at SBS and this Eurovision 2012 flash came up with Anggun, one of my favorite Indonesian singer in the 80s-90s, was on one of it. She was huge back in Indonesia and then migrated to France and decided to change nationality and become one of Europe’s top singer. Not that I care much about Eurovision but this one is bit special because Anggun was there. What made it more interesting to me was at the end of the performance she said ‘Thank you, Terimakasih’ instead of “Merci’ as she was representing her current nationality, France. Not sure if she did it in purpose or just slip of tongue but that was cool. :D. She didnt win tough, Sweden did but she is still top singer for me.

Here is her performance at the Eurovision 2012 with “You and I (Echo)” and also one of her first performance in Indonesia, the song that made her one of my favorite female singer in Indonesia.

Anggun in Eurovision 2012 representing France:

Anggun, my favorite song and video clip that I grew up with:


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