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Reverse Lens Macro Photography

Doing macro photography could be very fun as you can create a photo that your eyes wont see in everyday life or bare eyes. It requires a special lens to capture tiny object as a close up in details. But I just learned recently that you can do a macro photography without a special pricy lenses and get a way around it. One of my photographer friends mentioned to me the other week that we can do a macro photography with reversed lens. I was not sure what he meant at that time but he said its literally just reversing your lens back to front.

Not going to elaborate the science of how the reverse lens work but its pretty cool (you can see the science here: . You can just hold your lens back to front against the camera or buy a special reverse lens mount.

So then I did an experiment on it and the result is surprised me, better than I thought. This experiment I used a standard cheap lens  kit EFS 18-55mm, I dont have any insect or something more exciting to capture so I just took whatever I have in the office :

This is how I did it without reverse lens mount
This is how I did it without reverse lens mount

Expreiment I:

Gargamel | Focal length 55mm maximum closest
Gargamel | Normal lens at focal length 55mm maximum closest
Gargamel | Same lens setting but reversed and closed up
Gargamel | Same lens setting but reversed and closed up

Experiment II:

Watch | Normal setting 55 mm
Watch | Normal setting 55mm
Watch | Reversed lens
Watch | Reverse Lens

On iPhoto for iPad 2

I watched the keynote presentation from for the new iPad and conclude that if you have got iPad 2 already, not really urgent for upgrading it to the new iPad. Different story if you havent got one but planning to buy one, stupid not to choose the new one unless your budget is $100 short. Anyway, from the presentation, I gather that the only interesting thing for me was iPhoto for iPad, other than that are screen resolution and games which I’m not really in to.
Now, I did some testing with iPhoto for iPad 2, which requires iOS 5.1 and you just needed to update the iOS for free, and some silly pixelated result appeared. I published it on facebook and icloud journal, both are the same. With mozaic like pixelated result so you can not even see the photo properly. I’m not sure if I missed something here or it was just the internet connectivity thing, I don’t know. The image was not that big in size, only 2 something MB downloaded from facebook. This problem is also happening when you share it to ‘Camera Roll’ too.

Here’s the comparison between the result in iPad and published on the internet/share in camera roll.

On iPad 2:

iPhoto Journal on iPad 2
iPhoto Journal on iPad 2

And then i published it on internet/online,same thing when I shared it on facebook:

iPhoto Journal Online
iPhoto Journal Online

If you happen to know the solution for this, please do drop a line on comment below.

Lytro Light Field Camera

Have you ever been disappointed by your camera, or more to yourself for taking a rare opportunity photo but out of focus? I have :D. No software can fix that problem at the moment until recently new invention came up with LYTRO.

Meant to shot me,not the bridge
Meant to shot me,not the bridge :D. It will be different story if it was shot with Lytro.

Its a light field camera that can be used by anyone and no need to worry about the focus. Simple words, shoot now focus later. They just started shipping the new product to their first buyers on 29 February 2012. This brilliant invention captures a photo with a large depth of focus so with only using their software, we can choose or change the focus as we please. By uploading to their gallery, we can even play around with the focus by clicking the point where you want it to be focused. I can imagine now the problem like my picture above will be gone soon with DSLRs applying this technology.

Lytro Light Field Camera
Lytro Light Field Camera

Here are some photos that you can play around with the focus. The picture is not live in this blog because doesn’t allow iframe embedding, but if you click below images and go to the link, you can play around with it and see what I mean.

Click image to see live photo
Click image to see live photo
Click image to see and play around with focus. Wait until its fully loaded
Lytro Camera
Click to see and play around with focus.
Click images to see Lytro camera result.

10 Inspiring Travel Videos

As I’m now starting to get in to videography, and I myself enjoy traveling (who wouldn’t?), here are some amazing and inspiring travel video. I kinda like to go to than youtube because you find lots of craps in youtube and vimeo are more selected and arty video. Very easy to find a quality video for reference and the forum makes it good place to learn. Anyway, this shouldnt be a comparison between two but about travel photography.

I guess to have a good travel video most of the one I like use tripod and wide angle lenses with big aperture. Timelipse is popular for travel videography and the result could be amazing, taken from different angles and with a bit of panning too. Thing is, when you travel, are you going to take all of your photography gear or just basic stuff? Well, if you call yourself enthusiast you should. GoPro camera would put your travel video more lively and increasingly very popular.

Here are some videos that I like:

1. The Longest Way 1.0 | One year walk/beard grow time lapse

This guy is pretty inspiring, he did a walking trip and went for 4500km trough China and Gobi Desert and even tough he never finished his goal to Germany, still pretty awesome. He took a photos his face everyday and see how he doesnt look like he did. Not surprised if this video won so many short film festivals.

2. Eat, Move and Learn

Thats what we do on our travel. Rick Mereki did an awesome job on doing the video:

3. Time is Nothing (Kien Lam)

He decided to quit his job to travel and took timelapse videos around the world and this is what he achieved 17 countries later. This video has been featured in mainstream medias. Wish I could take that decision….

4. Lost in Tokyo (Mark Blamley)

10,000 photos in 2 days in Tokyo. Inspiring timelapse of Tokyo.

5. Water&Rocks, New Zealand

This is more like tourism video than a travel video but still very enjoyable to watch.

6. Many Steps (Takayuki Akachi)
This is another unique idea that he traveled the world and filmed some daily life and corners of places he visited. Awesome!

7. 5 Minutes of Syria (Ruslan Fedolov)

Great videography by Ruslan Fedolov.

8. Venezia

This video has shown how powerful DSLR cameras are for making video and movie and 5D Mark II is the king as to Michael Jackson to pop music.

9. Postcard from Bali (Stephen Kot)

Beautifully done this video is. With Canon EOS 5D Mark II and shallow depth of focus with 50mm f1.4 made this video so elegant and gave it a warm feeling to watch.

10. Toy Thailand

Great combination between tilt shift and timelapse makes the objects look small like toys.


Jeezz,, how could I miss Where The Hell is Matt?

2011 | A Year in My Camera View

2011 had been an interesting year for my photo journey. We went to the Philippines for the first time, that was exciting and beautiful, went back to Indonesia to visit families and had a chance to go to Sulawesi and dive in Bunaken, something that I’ve always wanted as it was apparently one of  the best diving spots in Indonesia.

The highlight was when we were about to go home to Darwin and visited my aunt in Denpasar and was looking for a taxi and then someone with his motorbike grabbed my EOS camera and ran away, but then the insurance were easy enough to cover the lost and with the same price as the lost camera I bought, I could upgrade to a better one. Altough, I still cant forgive myself for not backing up the photos from that holiday.

And the other highlight is I made some of my shots in to the local newspapers, and one of them, which was the Cyclone Carlos, was at the front page.

Anyway busway, :D, here are some photos from 2011 that I like, should’ve been more with the lost one:

Glenelg South Australia | December 2011
Glenelg South Australia | December 2011

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Ultra Slow Motion Video with Twixtor

I am obsessed with slow motion video with Twixtor, it makes your slow motion video smooth. What it does is it fills the gap between your frames so there will be no rough movement on your slow motion. It can enhance your video that was taken in 50fps or 60fps to 1000fps or more. Its a dear software but cool. Wonder if there’s an open source version of it 😀

Here are some interesting examples:

Creative Photography by Gillian Woods

At first when I saw her photostream in flickr, I thought  she was just an amateur photo model hired by some photographic student. But then I found out that she herself was the photographer with a very unique style and ideas. She is following this pattern of 365 which means a  continuous daily photo album that she takes  in everyday life for a year, and this make her being so creative.GillyFace her photostream name is, its a parody of Silly Face I suppose? Anyway, beside her decent post processing skill that always make me wonder how did she do that, she has a great ideas and concepts of the scene. Recently I follow her page on facebook found out  that her photos was featured and being a cover of Illusory Magazine.

Here are some of my favorites:


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Facebook Timeline before officially launched

This facebook major lay out changes has been around for few weeks now but it is not officially launched yet. I was not really interested on what changes facebook has made until I saw the Map feature where it shows the places of your activities on the map, and you can actually do some creative stuff with the ‘cover’ image and your ‘profile photo’. Just so you know that there are some exciting new stuff like no other social medias have had before. I was about giving up Facebook because it gets boring and no major changes happened beside friend’s updates and craps they posted. Anyway here are what it will look like in the timeline:

1. Huge ‘Cover Image’ at your home page. Before timeline, we only have our profile picture as our cover, but now they provide us with huge and wide image behind our profile picture. The container size is : 1021×378 pix. It will look like this:

Facebook Timeline
Cover image of Facebook Timeline

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