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Having Fun with Custom BOKEH 2 (Mindil Fireworks)

In my previous post about Custom Bokeh, I mentioned about how to create custom shaped bokeh for still photography. On Thursday, I visited the opening season of Mindil Beach Markets in Darwin with fireworks and I practice the custom bokeh for that. The result was pretty entertaining and colorful, I couldnt stop myself watching them and here it is the video:

Custom Bokeh Video of Mindil Beach Markets Opening Season 2012 by Irawan

6 Crusty Demon’s Style That Made Me Go WOW

I was at the Australian Superbike Championship 2012 this afternoon and was surprised by how little was the crowd at Hidden Valley, Darwin. Maybe it was on Sunday and I came bit late, but fortunately I had a chance to see Crusty Demons. The Superbikes themselves was OK.

Crusty Demons performance were too short and didnt do too many acts but I got a chance to shot their styles. These are some that made me go wow and thought that these guys are 6. I shot these acts with cheap standard kit lense 55-250mm Canon:

Crusty Demon | Thumb Up
Thumb Up

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Reverse Lens Macro Photography

Doing macro photography could be very fun as you can create a photo that your eyes wont see in everyday life or bare eyes. It requires a special lens to capture tiny object as a close up in details. But I just learned recently that you can do a macro photography without a special pricy lenses and get a way around it. One of my photographer friends mentioned to me the other week that we can do a macro photography with reversed lens. I was not sure what he meant at that time but he said its literally just reversing your lens back to front.

Not going to elaborate the science of how the reverse lens work but its pretty cool (you can see the science here: . You can just hold your lens back to front against the camera or buy a special reverse lens mount.

So then I did an experiment on it and the result is surprised me, better than I thought. This experiment I used a standard cheap lens  kit EFS 18-55mm, I dont have any insect or something more exciting to capture so I just took whatever I have in the office :

This is how I did it without reverse lens mount
This is how I did it without reverse lens mount

Expreiment I:

Gargamel | Focal length 55mm maximum closest
Gargamel | Normal lens at focal length 55mm maximum closest
Gargamel | Same lens setting but reversed and closed up
Gargamel | Same lens setting but reversed and closed up

Experiment II:

Watch | Normal setting 55 mm
Watch | Normal setting 55mm
Watch | Reversed lens
Watch | Reverse Lens

Having Fun with Custom BOKEH

Bokeh is originally a Japanese word meaning ‘blur’ or ‘haze’ (Wikipedia). So, in photography, bokeh is used when you take a photo with a very shallow focus (big aperture), the area that are out of focus will be blurry. Bokeh is mostly used for night photography where the light is out of focus and blurry and give it a bit of artistic feeling on it. Recently, I made an experiment with custom bokeh shapes with Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens.


Basically, all we need to do is just covering the lens with shaped filter in black. I use lens cup with whole on it and put my custom shaped filter behind it: simple and save place in your camera bag. Another way is you could make a filter that you can put on top of your lens like most tutorial on youtube do. Or you can buy factory made custom bokeh filters, neatness guarantee but at the moment, I’m showing you my DIY filters.

Here are what I did, would be more shopisticated when the lights are more colorful and make it in video with movements. Will wait til the wet season gone and can not wait for Mindil Beach opening or Territory Day with lots of fireworks:) :

Here are the results:

Bokeh no filter
Bokeh No filter
Bokeh with broken heart shaped filter
Bokeh with question mark shaped filter
Bokeh with question mark shaped filter
Bokeh with positive shaped filter
Bokeh with star shaped filter
Bokeh with star shaped filter

And this is what the filter looks like:

DIY Cutom Bokeh Filter
DIY Cutom Bokeh Filter

Trip 2012 | New Zealand and Sydney

First time in NZ and we traveled around in South Island driving from Christchurch toward North and stayed overnight or two in Kaikoura, Nelson, Hikitika, Queenstown, Lake Tekapo and back to Christchurch before flying to Sydney. All footages and photos taken by Irawan during trip February 2012.

Thoughts come clearly while one walks. ~Thomas Mann

Sydney and Manly Timelapse Video

Lake Tekapo old church timelapse

Pocket camera on window mount suction pod. Driving from Christchurch to somewhere around Greta Valley South Island.

More videos to come…

2011 | A Year in My Camera View

2011 had been an interesting year for my photo journey. We went to the Philippines for the first time, that was exciting and beautiful, went back to Indonesia to visit families and had a chance to go to Sulawesi and dive in Bunaken, something that I’ve always wanted as it was apparently one of  the best diving spots in Indonesia.

The highlight was when we were about to go home to Darwin and visited my aunt in Denpasar and was looking for a taxi and then someone with his motorbike grabbed my EOS camera and ran away, but then the insurance were easy enough to cover the lost and with the same price as the lost camera I bought, I could upgrade to a better one. Altough, I still cant forgive myself for not backing up the photos from that holiday.

And the other highlight is I made some of my shots in to the local newspapers, and one of them, which was the Cyclone Carlos, was at the front page.

Anyway busway, :D, here are some photos from 2011 that I like, should’ve been more with the lost one:

Glenelg South Australia | December 2011
Glenelg South Australia | December 2011

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Trip 2011 | Philippines

This was the first time we visited the Philippines, went straight to an island called Boracay. We loved it!! Thought we might go back there again. People are nice, friendly and polite. Places are clean and the local knows how to queue! I did my open water course there and the dive site was very good. It was probably the busiest time of the year because we went on the holy week time where there were lots of parties and music shows happening on the Island but we were staying at the quiet area which was Station 2.

Basketball by the beach, boracay
Everyone loves basketball in this country, and lucky them they have court by the beach. Barefoot but looks fun.

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Faking Tilt Shift

Since The first time I saw this type of photography, I felt in love with the way how cameras or lenses can make things look like miniatures. I watched a news on one of Australian TV channels, dont remember which one and exactly when, reporting Mardi Gras Parade 2009 I think it was, that Keith Luitit created a time-lapse photography with this style so it looked like a group of toys marching. Super cool. More of Keith Luitit’s stunning Tilt Shift cinematography can be found here.

And I just found out the term of this photography type is ‘Tilt Shift’. Looking at the price of the lense to do this photography made me dizzy. I’m not that pro to invest some money for this TS lense. Then I searched tutorials for Fake Tilt Shift for GIMP, as I’m a Gimper and there are some Tilt Shift Generators as well that make it super easy to do. Here are the results :

Karimunjava Indoneisa | Irawan

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