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Anggun: No ‘Merci’ but ‘Terimakasih’ – Eurovision 2012

I was surprised when flicking trough tv remote control and stopped at SBS and this Eurovision 2012 flash came up with Anggun, one of my favorite Indonesian singer in the 80s-90s, was on one of it. She was huge back in Indonesia and then migrated to France and decided to change nationality and become one of Europe’s top singer. Not that I care much about Eurovision but this one is bit special because Anggun was there. What made it more interesting to me was at the end of the performance she said ‘Thank you, Terimakasih’ instead of “Merci’ as she was representing her current nationality, France. Not sure if she did it in purpose or just slip of tongue but that was cool. :D. She didnt win tough, Sweden did but she is still top singer for me.

Here is her performance at the Eurovision 2012 with “You and I (Echo)” and also one of her first performance in Indonesia, the song that made her one of my favorite female singer in Indonesia.

Anggun in Eurovision 2012 representing France:

Anggun, my favorite song and video clip that I grew up with:

On iPhoto for iPad 2

I watched the keynote presentation from for the new iPad and conclude that if you have got iPad 2 already, not really urgent for upgrading it to the new iPad. Different story if you havent got one but planning to buy one, stupid not to choose the new one unless your budget is $100 short. Anyway, from the presentation, I gather that the only interesting thing for me was iPhoto for iPad, other than that are screen resolution and games which I’m not really in to.
Now, I did some testing with iPhoto for iPad 2, which requires iOS 5.1 and you just needed to update the iOS for free, and some silly pixelated result appeared. I published it on facebook and icloud journal, both are the same. With mozaic like pixelated result so you can not even see the photo properly. I’m not sure if I missed something here or it was just the internet connectivity thing, I don’t know. The image was not that big in size, only 2 something MB downloaded from facebook. This problem is also happening when you share it to ‘Camera Roll’ too.

Here’s the comparison between the result in iPad and published on the internet/share in camera roll.

On iPad 2:

iPhoto Journal on iPad 2
iPhoto Journal on iPad 2

And then i published it on internet/online,same thing when I shared it on facebook:

iPhoto Journal Online
iPhoto Journal Online

If you happen to know the solution for this, please do drop a line on comment below.

2011 | A Year in My Camera View

2011 had been an interesting year for my photo journey. We went to the Philippines for the first time, that was exciting and beautiful, went back to Indonesia to visit families and had a chance to go to Sulawesi and dive in Bunaken, something that I’ve always wanted as it was apparently one of  the best diving spots in Indonesia.

The highlight was when we were about to go home to Darwin and visited my aunt in Denpasar and was looking for a taxi and then someone with his motorbike grabbed my EOS camera and ran away, but then the insurance were easy enough to cover the lost and with the same price as the lost camera I bought, I could upgrade to a better one. Altough, I still cant forgive myself for not backing up the photos from that holiday.

And the other highlight is I made some of my shots in to the local newspapers, and one of them, which was the Cyclone Carlos, was at the front page.

Anyway busway, :D, here are some photos from 2011 that I like, should’ve been more with the lost one:

Glenelg South Australia | December 2011
Glenelg South Australia | December 2011

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Gotye! Can’t get it out of my head…

Been a while not finding a new song  that sticks on my head and I play it over and over again, been stuck with Pearl Jam for many years. I was watching Rage the other weekend and there was this video clip where a  naked strange looking man was painted all over his body in time-lapsed videography. But my attention was turned by the music, the intro sounds like ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ and the reff really catchy and stuck in my ear altough the lyrics is a bit suki lala. Anyway here’s the song that I meant Gotye : “Somebodey I Use to Know” (Feat.Kimbra)


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